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It’s Saturday morning. I hope that you have a cup of coffee or tea in your hand, and that you’re looking forward to a day full of joy, in whatever manner joy might decide share her presence.


I relish my weekends at home. They seem far and few between these days, and for good reasons. Mainly, my family and my guy. Like I said, really good reasons. While I look forward to (and often count down the days to) my weekends with the people that mean oh so much to me, I delight in the simplicity of staying home. Of not having plans. Of being a little bit productive and a lot bit frivolous. Having the chance to catch up on things…to putter around the kitchen…to listen to a podcast…to go for a run…to curl up with a book…to light a candle or two. Drink that cup of coffee. Breathe deeply. Find space. Seek peace. Evaluate. Reflect.

Darcy discovered a new blog that I’ve spent some time pouring over. The beauty of her words and the deliciousness of her recipes are captivating. Stop by for a visit; you won’t regret it. Start with this post.

I’ve bookmarked some yummy recipes from the blog roll this week:

I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and make them. Stay tuned.

I wanna know: What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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