101 Recipes Challenge

The challenge: conquer 101 new to me, classic recipes

The deadline: 1001 days from today. August 13, 2013. A worthy, but realistic, goal.

The objective: for one girl to learn that the kitchen isn’t such a scary place after all.

I want to hear from you!  What do I absolutely need to be able to cook in order to function in the world?







36 thoughts on “101 Recipes Challenge”

  1. Get your scones recipe from your Oom Steve but then you also have to get his version of “clotted cream.” I absolutely believe that he makes the world’s most perfect scone. Bar none. And when you get his recipe would you kindly share it with me? :D

  2. Your list is completely inspiring. It makes me excited.:-)

  3. I love that pizza is not on there… not because I don’t love pizza, but because there’s no reason for it to be on a learn-to-make-list.

    Also, can I be around when you do cinnamon rolls? Yum. Pioneer Woman has some TASTY looking ones…

  4. I also love the dating-recipes idea. Consider it shamelessly copied.:-D

  5. Carolyn R. Sachs said:

    Where is the All-American Apple Pie? Everyone should know how to roll out a double crust, core and slice apples and toss them with sugar and flour and cinnamon and bake it. Not hard, but takes a little practice. I used to make pie as a quick dessert when the kids were small!

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