Keep Portland Weird

And weird it was. We ended up wandering through a (for lack of a better word) creative section of town. That’s getting ahead of myself, though. When we left Seattle, we headed south on I-5 and drove through Tacoma, for obvious reasons. Our favorite signs were the ones for the Tacoma Dome. Say that 10 times fast. After Tacoma, we deviated from our route and headed slightly more east so as to see Mt. St. Helens.

It was a beautiful drive! Typical. Once we got to the visitor’s center about half way up, we stopped, bought post cards (send me your address if you want one!), and had a mini photo shoot. Also typical.

And then….welcome to Portland! Check this out: the city has record stores. My kind of place.

First stop was Powell’s Books, the largest new and used book store in the world. Powell’s stocks more than a million books, organized into 9 color coded rooms, and sorted into more than 3500 different categories. The store covers an entire city block. I would like to recant what I said about Seattle being the happiest place on earth. This store surely is it. I could have moved in. And stayed forever.

Oh heaven. This store is great. It goes on and on and on and on. Row after row of books. Used books mixed in with new books. I could have spent a day and a thousand dollars in there. Easily. I did neither, but I did leave with a copy of Don Miller’s Million Miles in a Thousand Years and a really pretty copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

After Powell’s we decided that we were starving so we hit the streets of Portland to find a place to get a bite to eat. Happy hour! We got crawfish (YES! I can’t believe I lived in Mississippi so long, and didn’t discover my love for crawfish until my very last night there). The carnage:

In addition to crawfish, we had a veritable feast of other appetizer-esque foods served in entree-esque portions.

Check out how huge these sushi rolls are. Granted, it’s mostly rice, but they were SO tasty!

Definitely a restaurant to recommend! If you’re passing through Portland, or live nearby, check out Jakes.

I really like the little taste of Portland that we had. It’s smaller than Seattle, but it’s quieter, less touristy. The downtown area is adorable. And really, any city with a bookstore that size wins its approval from me!

Finally, friends….

We’re going to keep heading south into California (new state for me!)

11 thoughts on “Keep Portland Weird

  1. Powell’s is my favorite place in Portland. I like to go up to the “Rare bookroom” and just feel the age and rarity of the books. That slight musty smell of books may be one of my most favorite things.

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