1000 bites of happiness

One of my goals for 2011 is to be more grateful. I want to adopt a habit of gratitude in the way I think and process my world. I want to observe my surroundings– the people in my life, my possessions, and my experiences–and consciously label them as blessings, evidences of grace and happiness.

So, I’m going to join my dear friend Emily in her quest to list 1000 blessings (thankfulnesses, happinesses, graces, etc). Because, you know, this world is pretty great. And our lives are full of grace and beauty, if only we take the moment to look up and notice. So look up. And take notice.

I, for one, don’t want to turn 24, or 47, or 73, and look back on my life, wishing that I had lived in the moment more. Wondering why I didn’t appreciate what I had while I had it. Regretting that I didn’t invest in myself and the people around me.

I want to be grateful. I want to pay attention. I want to revel. And embrace. And celebrate. Because I firmly believe that is what we’re here on this earth to do.

Want to join me?

3 thoughts on “1000 bites of happiness

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