Dried apple wedges

I love my dehydrator. Is it an essential appliance? By no means. Will I take it with me when I move (the litmus test for the value of a possession. naturally)? I might not. Do I love it? Or course I do.

How in the world did I procure this dehydrator? Well I’m glad that you asked! You see, last spring, a friend and I went backpacking, and I wanted to try my hand at dehydrating some goodies for us to take with us.

As is typical, I hopped on Craigslist to see what I could find. There are two Craigslist areas “near” me, but both are still an hour away, one in each direction. I figured if I found something it would have to be a pretty great deal to justify the drive. Lo and behold, what do I find? A dehydrator. Five minutes from my house. For $2. That’s right. $2. Not $20. Not even $5. $2. What a deal.

This weekend, I chopped 8 (or so) pounds of apples in thin wedges and dehydrated them. Now I have a gallon bag full of dried apple slices. So tasty! So portable! So light weight! The all around perfect traveling snack.

Dehydrated apples

  1. Peel (optional) and core your apples
  2. Slice into wedges or rings. The goal is to keep them thin. 1/8 of an inch, give or take, is ideal.
  3. Dunk for a minute or two in lemon water (1 tsp lemon, 3 cups of water)
  4. Lay out on dehydrator racks and sprinkle with cinnamon. Depending on the sweetness of the apple, you may not need/want the cinnamon. I like it, so I added it!
  5. Dehydrate! Mine need to sit about 12 hours. Read the directions on your particular dehydrator to see how long they need to go.

Don’t have a dehydrator? Check out Oh She Glows’ recipe for apple pie chips. You can make them in a normal oven. Tasty!

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