Saturday Small Talk

Just two short weeks ago, I was reveling in my wedding day. I can hardly believe it. Today, we slept in (yay!) and are enjoying lunch with friends, and then doing fondue tonight with even more friends. Three cheers for the weekends!

Saturday mornings are for pancakes. I firmly believe that. Why not make them to fit the season? Try these delicious looking flapjacks from Haute Apple Pie.

I’m learning to love cast iron pans. As such, this recipe for skillet lasagna caught my eye.

Our laundry is really just a closet. As it stands, I’m not particularly thrilled with the way I have it organized. I love this functional, decorative idea from Small Notebook.

Check out this low-carb alternative to baked potato soup.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk

  1. We do pancakes on Sundays 🙂 Relish those first days of marriage, they are pure bliss. Not that the rest of the days aren’t, they are, and in a very real way, they get better and love grows deeper…there is just something very special about the newness of the first few days. Don’t feel guilty about being greedy with time together!!

  2. We often do pancakes on Saturday, too. I mix it up with buttermilk pancakes, buckwheat pancakes, whole grain pancakes, johnny cakes and every once in a great while Dutch babies. Yum!

    And I agree with Kate – enjoy all the newness and hoard those “together times.”

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