Saturday Small Talk

Folks, it’s a crazy weekend. I worked last night, and I’m spending all of today accompanying a dozen junior high kiddos at Solo and Ensemble. Thankfully, tonight and tomorrow afternoon promise to be relaxing and enjoyable. Three cheers!

IMG_20150416_150211If you’re a blogger and want to increase your traffic (because that’s all of us), Michael Hyatt has some killer resources posted right now. Start here.

Some tips for selling your stuff on the internet, including eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook.

One phrase every kid deserves to hear over and over and over again.

As candidates are announcing their presidential runs, more and more Americans are identifying as Independent.

This summer, I’m going to put in plants that repel mosquitoes.

Strong is the new pretty (a gorgeous photography project).

Would you allow your body to be composted after you die?

A long, but worthy read about moral traits of the people we want to become.


Saturday Small Talk

Another Saturday. I just adore these summer days. Yesterday, Bob and I spent our day picking blueberries, poking around the garden, and enjoying the relatively cool temperatures. Ah summer. Today, we’re off to Traverse City to hang out with some friends. We might go hiking, we might go beaching, we might do neither. We’ll see where the wind blows us.

If blueberries are in season where you live, try this blueberry galette by Ruth Reichl. It look delicious!

I want to try Emily’s corn chowder. If you haven’t been over to visit lately, her commentary on their first few weeks of marriage is a riot!

Bonavita inspired me to try baby back ribs this summer. Want to come for dinner?

And another blueberry recipe: Blueberry Mojito. You’re welcome.

Happy Saturday, friends!


Saturday Small Talk

I’m sitting here, still snuggled in bed, looking out our window at the snow clinging to the evergreens. This is what Saturday mornings are all about. Pretty soon here, there will be pancakes to eat, some projects to work on, and then we’re taking to the woods with our snowshoes. Glorious day!

Thanks to a small gig I have, I’ve been introduced to the brilliance and wisdom that is Michael Hyatt. Here are some tips for how to shave 10 hours off your work week.

Seven Foods a Nutritionist would never eat. I have to say, I’m disappointed to hear sad tidings about rice cakes.

Successful people do some key things before breakfast. While I feel this author has a lot more time in her mornings than I do (and it’s not because I sleep in!), this article will give you some food for thought.

In general, Fast Company seems to be a great site! Great variety, catchy design, awesome photos.

Last weekend in the great, white northland, we made pancakes on the griddle and flipped them with this lovely spatula. I’m ordering one. Today, probably.

Happy Saturday!